Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Thermos 3-Tier Bento #4

Herbed noodles, cucumber slices with some everything bagel seasoning, and veganized beef stroganoff.

This meal was a vegan revelation.

First, I found vegan noodles that are the shape and texture of egg noodles: Light N' Fluffy Macaroni Dumplings. Egg noodles were one of my absolute favorite things before going vegan, and I've really missed them, but these would work in pretty much any egg noodle scenario. They also don't cost any more than regular egg noodles (i.e., they're super cheap).

Then, I finally got around to trying Gardein's beefless tips. And you know what? All those recipes I didn't make as an omnivore because beef was so expensive? I can make them now. And they're actually cheaper than the beef version would be.

(If you're wondering about it, the sauce is basically mushroom gravy with some vegan sour cream mixed in. I wasn't feeling fancy, just wanting some old fashioned comfort food.)

This was a vegan victory, maybe my best one yet.

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