Laptop Lunches #195

Scotch quail eggs with cups of mustard and ketchup, cherry tomatoes, a mixture of pineapple and blackberries, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, yogurt ranch dip in a Tupperware midget (why not the cup that comes with the Laptop Lunches box? I think maybe it was being used in a snack--don't recall), and some mini almond biscotti.

I have never made Scotch quail eggs, or actually, Scotch eggs, period. But I saw a recipe here, and it had to be done. I'm not sure what I make of the results. I think my sausage was too fatty to fry, and the fat doesn't really render out of fried foods, so...

Well, I did it! And it was edible. Cross that one off my list.

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