Laptop Lunches #200

200 Laptop Lunches! I feel like this one should have been more thought-out--maybe it would have been if I'd realized!

Tabouleh, some cubes of feta tossed with marinated Greek olives, lytkabento's strawberry cream, and some onion flavored lentil crisps.

If ever a meal was a hodge podge of many lands, I guess this would be it! (But as I've said before...just eat it in courses and it's fine.)

Strawberry cream reminded me of the coating a Chinese restaurant I used to go to put on sliced bananas. It is sweet, but not sugary, and it does taste like strawberries. Since lyktabento sent the powdered version, it was super easy to make. I liked it, but I wanted to see what else I could do with it. (Learn more later in the week.)


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