Laptop Lunches #201

Whole grain mini waffles, some dried mango snacks, collard greens, popcorn chicken, ranch for the chicken and waffles, and candied yams.

I love chicken and waffles, and this actually worked out well for lunch. The veggies needed a quick trip around the microwave carousel, but otherwise, things were fine at room temperature.

The mango snacks are a new one for me. Turns out they're pretty new to everybody! I keep dried fruit, etc. around for when I run out of fresh. These were pretty good.

The veggies were also new--I found them in the freezer section on clearance. Anything marked down to 30 cents gets a try at the Student-turned-Doctor's place! The yams were way, way too sweet. But the collard greens were amazing! I'd even pay more than 30 cents for a box. Unfortunately, that level of clearance suggests it is discontinued and I'll never see it again. Oh, well. If you ever see these, get them.

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  1. This lunch looks so delicious and mouth watering! We love waffles and popcorn chicken.:)

  2. This looks delish, as always, and now I'm craving popcorn chicken!
    Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!


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