Pack-a-Snack #13

A cup (Tupperware Midget) of blackberries, mini rice cake thins with pumpkin cream cheese spread between them, and some Swedish candy from lyktabento. The whole kit and caboodle is packed in a recycled pasta sauce container.

The rice cakes got a little soft by the time I got to eat them, but this still worked well.

The candies I tried this time were the "Dumle," which is like a chocolate with a chewy filling of some kind (caramel, I guessed, and Google says I'm right!), another "Geisha" (still lovely), and, buried underneath (you can't really see it), in the orange wrapper, something I wish desperately I could buy in the U.S.: "Mjuk Gr├Ąddkola."

When I opened it, I thought it was a caramel, and it would be chewy. It crumbled in my mouth like candy corn does and tasted buttery, like toffee. It was astonishing. It was the kind of good-tasting that makes you stop everything and close your eyes to focus on it. I don't really know what it is, but whatever it is, thank you, lytkabento!


  1. Mjuk gr├Ąddkola is some kind of cream caramel/fugde thing, and they sometimes come crumbly and sometimes chewy, I think the difference is be course of the sugar, or possibly by age - I think they become more crumbly with age. There is lots of butter and heavy cream in them! I'm glad you've liked so much of what I sent you!


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