Laptop Lunches #209

Banana and strawberry slices; a bit of tzatziki hummus; cucumber slices; orange bell pepper slices; a wrap made from ham, swiss, fresh spinach, mayo, and a tortilla; cherry tomatoes; and some Swedish dill-and-chive flavored potato chips.

I had initially wanted to make pinwheels, but the tortilla wasn't holding together as well as if I had used cream cheese, so I scrapped that in favor of a wrap. It still tasted good, but it wasn't as pretty.

The potato chips were really nice! The bag got a little crushed in transit from lytkabento, but there were still plenty of whole chips inside. They are a little thicker cut than what Americans consider standard potato chips, more like kettle cooked chips, which is the kind I like best. The closest thing to dill and chive flavor I've ever had here is dill pickle flavor, which is vinegary in a way that drowns out the dill a little. Here, the dill got to shine. I'm not a huge potato chip person, but I could definitely eat these again. (And I have, at home.)

Meanwhile, if you have ideas about how to use some crushed dill-and-chive potato chips, I'd love to hear them! Other than topping a tuna casserole (which sounds pretty good, actually), I don't have any new thoughts.

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  1. Sorry the chips were crushed. This kind is called country chips in Sweden, so they are a bit thicker than other kinds, and sliced with the peel still on the potatoes. And I think they are kettle cooked…

    Maybe the crumbs could be used to double bread fish fillets? First dip them in some wheat flour, then in whisked egg and then in the crumbs and then fry them. Might be tasty.

  2. Oh, and hamburger dressing (it's actually called American Hamburger Dressing, but I don't think you'd recognize it…) is basically mayo, tomato paste and chopped pickles and onion. We put it on hamburgers. And I use it as dipping for cold meatballs. :)

    1. It sounds like Thousand Island dressing or maybe McDonald's "Special Sauce" for Big Macs. People do put that on hamburgers, but I've never tried it with meatballs. That's not a bad idea.

  3. Yeah, it does remind a bit about the big mac sauce. It's not that similar to Thousand Island, it's a lot thicker (at least a lot thicker than swedish Thousand Island!), but I guess it's a bit similar in taste.

  4. Looks very healthy with the fruit :-)


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