Lunchopolis #8

Honeycrisp apple slices, cubes of cheddar, a few cranberry-pistachio biscotti, spinach salad with homemade lingonberry vinaigrette (see explanation below) in a Tupperware Midget, croutons for topping the salad just before I ate it, and some jalapeno-stuffed olives.

An aside: about midway through everything-is-flavored-pumpkin season, we get everything-is-flavored-cranberry season. Neither impulse makes a whole lot of sense, since nearly everything pumpkin-flavored is done with canned pumpkin, and nearly everything cranberry-flavored is done with dried cranberries. We could do it year-round, people! But we're too busy with our summer tomatoes and spring peaches and such, I guess. Anyway, the biscotti was good with the tea I had the foresight to bring along to brew at lunchtime (not pictured).

Lyktabento had sent me some lingonberry jam, and I had the idea to put it in my usual fruity make-it-yourself vinaigrette today. (I realize you almost never see this--which is because I really almost never eat the sort of salads that go with it. But they're good with spinach.) It's very simple: olive oil, white wine vinegar (or any other kind, really--apple cider vinegar is also quite nice), salt, pepper, and jam. The little cup you see here is great for making it, since there are measuring lines on the sides, and you just put everything in, put the lid on, and shake for a bit.

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