Strawberry Cream with Milk: A Swedish Taste Test

The head of my department took me to lunch today, so you'll see no lunch. But I decided to show you my breakfast instead! Breakfast, unlike lunch, gets eaten on good china.
Lytkabento was kind enough to send me some strawberry cream from Sweden, and she said one way they eat it is to top it with milk. Well, I'm nothing if not adventurous, so I decided to have it for breakfast. (I do not know if that is appropriately Swedish or not. Especially with orange spice tea and buttered toast. Oh, well.)

I wasn't sure whether the milk was just supposed to sit on top or be mixed in, but the strawberry cream seemed too solid to mix anyway, so I went with it like this. It was nice--very unusual, but nice. I think I like it better without milk. Stay tuned for this Saturday's "Pack-a-Snack" post for how I doctored up Swedish strawberry cream--I hope my Swedish benefactor isn't horrified!


  1. Cream for breakfast was a new idea… maybe I should try it some time. :) You've made me really curious about the upcoming experiment!


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