Review: Santoro's (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)

There is a hot dog restaurant--more than a stand, I guess, because there are a few tables inside as well as outside--in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that is not vegan, but will do anything on its menu in a vegan version for you. I was pretty excited to try what Santoro's Franks & Chili had to offer.

The menu was a bit overwhelming, but I settled on a New Yorker (mustard and onion sauce) and one of their "customer creations," The Mickey (pickle, macaroni and cheese, extra cheese sauce, and bacon).
These were messy (you could probably have guessed as much), and I discovered that I am no fan of onion sauce, but otherwise the meal was delightful. I probably only really needed one hot dog but I didn't want to venture out of my room more than once per day, so this was my one big meal.

Whoever came up with The Mickey is very clever! The pickle spear (not visible beneath the mountain of macaroni and cheese and bacon) was a perfect complement to these flavors. They use Field Roast sausages, so definitely no complaints about the franks.

General thoughts: The service was prompt and friendly, food prep was quick, and the meal was wonderful. I would definitely go here again. There are so many hot dogs left to try! I would still make it a takeout meal rather than eating there, though--you would be very cramped if you tried eating inside. 4.5/5


  1. Oooh yum! I was never a fan of hot dogs in my pre vegan days but those look awesome! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I feel like I need to take a trip to Pennsylvania!

  2. I love fun hot dogs! The Mickey sounds like the best combination for a hot dog ever.

  3. That's great that they are so vegan-friendly; I'd definitely love to try The Mickey!


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