Review: Vegan Treats (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)

I finally made it to the famed Vegan Treats bakery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It's such a cool place!

The doughnuts looked appetizing, but I'm really all about the cakes. It was hard to choose one.

I was in Bethlehem a short time, so I only had two little cakes from them while I was there (styled in my room at Sayre Mansion--hey, I did my best!):

First I had this little carrot cake. It was the classic carrot cake, pure, no raisins or pineapple or weird adulterants, with vegan cream cheese frosting, and that alone was worth the long drive to Bethlehem.
The following day, I had this next level Death by Chocolate cake, which had a sort of mousse layer in it and a golden candy cameo on top. It looked fancy but more importantly it tasted amazing.

I should have stopped by the bakery on my way back to bring more cakes home, but I was too worn out at that point from loading my stuff into my car. I want to go back there, though.

General thoughts: I wish they had prices more clearly labeled, and some may feel the prices are kind of high (these cakes were about $9 each), but for an intentional journey to the bakery I was fine with that. I loved the things I tasted there and will definitely go back if I can. 4.5/5


  1. OMG I've always wanted to try Vegan Treats! It all looks so good, I'd never be able to choose! That chocolate cake looks absolutely amazing, I am so jealous! I don't know if I'd be able to walk out with just 2 things! I'm definitely adding this to a bucket list, thanks for sharing and for the review!

    1. If I ever go back, I won't limit myself to two, I imagine! I liked the carrot cake best, but that was my favorite pre-vegan cake so that's unsurprising. What was especially nice was that in contrast to other vegan cakes I've eaten out in the world, they weren't at all dry. I don't know why so many vegan cakes are dry at restaurants but these were just perfect.

  2. I have seen posts about this place before and they always look so amazing! Definitely on a future list of places to visit.

  3. I love Vegan Treats; that's awesome that you finally made it there! It's always so hard to choose what to get; everything is so delicious and artfully done!


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