Sequestration Meal #212


I'm pretty sure this is the last of the ham you'll see! This is a vegan version of a ham and bean soup somewhat based on an omnivore recipe I found at Jo Cooks. I somehow made it too salty but it was otherwise really good. I had a cornbread muffin on the side. It tasted something like a memory I couldn't fully place to eat these things together. I imagine if my mother knew I was eating bean soup and cornbread she'd laugh, though; she used to make a basic pinto bean soup with cornbread every so often and nobody in the family would eat it but her.


  1. Same here! My dad would make pinto beans & cornbread and I would only eat the cornbread because I hated pinto beans. Now they’re my favorite beans and always hope the restaurants that serve them don’t prepare them with pork. I’m looking at you, Chipotle!

    1. For those nights, I would just get the broth and eat bean broth with my cornbread. My father would put ketchup on his cornbread and eat that and eventually got me into that, too (try it if you never have!). But we put up with it because the beans always turned into things we did like, like chili or refried beans. And those pinto beans made the BEST refried beans of all.


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