Sequestration Meal #221


I finally made some plausible vegan Salisbury steak! And it was so simple! I started with my favorite recipe for vegan hamburger steak (recipe at Thrifty Living) and topped it with a tomato-y mushroom and onion gravy. I will happily give you the recipe for the sauce sometime because I will be making this again. You could easily just put that sauce over any vegan beef-like hamburger patty and I think it would still be pretty great as Salisbury steak.

I had this classic comfort food with mashed potatoes and green beans. It's all very retro and traditional, while I think the veganizing kind of modernizes it, which was just right for the day I made this--January 20, when America turned a new page by trying to find the remembrance of its better self, and looked forward to putting the longstanding issues with its worse self behind us.


  1. I would definitely be keen on getting that gravy recipe! This looks like perfect comfort food, and I hope that there is some comfort coming in the future with your new president!

    1. He's human, at least!

      Tomato paste is the key to this gravy--it adds so much. I'll happily share it next time I make it and actually measure things properly.


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