Monday, December 18, 2017

Laptop Lunches #283

Okra and tomatoes, stuffing/dressing, tofu chops, and mashed potatoes.

I was beyond excited to find okra at that tiny market I call the "Polish-Korean Store," which is one of the only places I feel comfortable shopping for food in December (it's not wildly crowded or overwhelming). It has been entirely too long since I had okra. So I cooked up a pleasantly Southern-style meal.

I'm having some trouble adjusting to not being able to eat Stove Top stuffing anymore, but all of their varieties have some kind of meat in them, so I got some Pepperidge Farm seasoned bread cube stuffing mix and added onions and celery, and it was fine, but not all I hoped it would be.

The tofu chops didn't work out as I'd hoped, either. The breading wouldn't stay on most of the chops. They did taste pretty good, though.

As I have rarely met a mashed potato I didn't like, I have no complaints there.

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