Happy Jackson Snack Boxes #57

Grapes, a tiny bit of Asian baby corn salad I had left over, some off-brand Ritz crackers, and chickpea salad with carrots and dill from Cookie + Kate.

I really liked this simple chickpea salad. Because I don't currently have my own herbs growing in my window (a project that I halted for a while due to aphids and I never went back to because I was so discouraged--I still don't know where the aphids came from in an indoor garden), I rarely have fresh on hand, but I happened to have some dill to use up at the same time I had a random half a can of chickpeas waiting to be used, so this was ideal. (I cut the recipe down to make one serving out of that half can, rather than the full recipe she gives, and it worked out fine.)

This was a bit of a mishmash of things, but it worked to eat in courses: Appetizer of Asian baby corn salad, main course of chickpea salad with crackers, and dessert of grapes.


  1. I love eating a combination of a bunch of different things. Mine comes from indecision, ha! Grapes are a great dessert, so sweet and crunchy!


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