Pack-a-Snack #97

This is a little slice of vegan lemon blueberry cake with lemon glaze. I was trying out a new recipe from Ceara's Kitchen (or new to me, anyway) because I found organic blueberries for a dollar per half pint at my local hole-in-the-wall produce market (you may have heard me refer to this before as the Polish-Korean store--and tomorrow you'll get to see it on the blog).

I didn't do it exactly by the book (blog?). And by some weird miracle that meant that I made a cake that got better as it got older--not more stale, but more tender. So amazing.

First I decided not to make one big one, but instead a big one and a little one (so an 8-inch one and another 4-inch one, rather than one 9-inch one). This didn't require as long to cook.

And then I used ordinary whole wheat flour rather than pastry flour.

And mostly by accident I used cream of coconut rather than coconut cream. There was a little extra, so I reserved that to make a glaze of my own invention, not having any access to coconut butter.

And because I had some extra sugar, I tossed my extra blueberries in that and put them on the cake that way when I ate it at home for breakfast with a cup of lemon cake tea.

Several things happened.

1. The blueberries stayed suspended in the batter, so they kept the cake itself moist, rather than sinking to the bottom to be a sort of blueberry upside down cake.
2. The cake was dense, but not tough.
3. The glaze slowly got absorbed into the cake, which gradually made it sweeter and more moist and delightful as the days went on.

I can't really fairly judge the original recipe. But what I made was wonderful anyway. Go figure!


  1. Your version of the cake looks like it turned out great! The sugared blueberries seem like a really fun topping, and I love when glazes get absorbed into the cake! I'm interested to hear more about the Polish-Korean store, too!

  2. That cake is beautiful!!! It sounds delicious and I love the sugared blueberries on top! Lemon blueberry is a great combination and I love that it improved over time! That is so rare for baked goods ;)

    I'm with Julie, I'm looking forward to reading about the market!

  3. Sounds like a bit of tinkering made for an amazing snack!


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