Pack-a-Snack #95

Pistachio, cardamom, and strawberry bliss balls from Quite Good Food.

The base recipe for these--dates and pistachio balls--is ancient; the cardamom made me want to make them because I love cardamom but I seem to put it in hardly anything. I think maybe I didn't process the nuts and dates enough, because it was very difficult to get these to hold as balls, but I persevered, and the result was rewarding. I used a cookie scoop and pressed the mixture in very firmly until it seemed to hold its shape. They seemed fragile and delicate, but after chilling to firm up they held their shape perfectly well even when they returned to room temperature (they're much better at room temperature than chilled, incidentally).


  1. These sound like such a great snack! I have to agree, cardamom is not used nearly enough in treats! These snack bites sound so delicious and look beautiful as well :) Even if they don't hold together well I bet it would be a great raw granola with fruit and almond milk.


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