Restaurant Review: HipCityVeg

Every so often, I find myself in Philadelphia. It's an excellent excuse to visit the best vegan restaurant I ever found: HipCityVeg.

Carrot ginger lemonade, served in a compostable cup with a compostable straw and a compostable lid, starts us off. This stuff is amazing. I'm not usually one to finish my drink when it's that big (read: what most Americans think of as normal, but I digress), but I will finish off every bit of this.

I do not know if any photograph could possibly convey how wonderful the Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwich is. It's more like chicken than chicken. If there were a HipCityVeg where I live I would be broke from eating endless Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwiches. And also probably pretty fat. I have to believe that if one could get fat on vegan food (you can; it's why I had to scale back my non-dairy ice cream habit), this would be a good way to go about it.

I've had other things here (I've had three glorious visits to this place as I passed through the City of Brotherly Love), and the things pictured here are my favorites, but there is no bad food here.

And if you have room, have a chocolate chip cookie. Or, better yet, an Orangesicle milkshake, which is probably substantial enough to stand in for a meal all on its own.

I know I'm effusive, but believe me: Nobody has paid me for any of my opinions, not even in free food.

General thoughts: My absolute favorite vegan restaurant, hands down. I've eaten there with omnivores and they love it, too. If you're in Philly or DC, hit them up. You won't regret it. 5/5


  1. I love HipCityVeg. Such yummy food. And yes, American have huge drinks which is probably why I never order drinks when eating out. I think the only time I get them is when I plan on having only a drink. They rotate their milkshakes, I remember them having an apple pie smoothie- so yummy

  2. I really need to get to HipCityVeg sometime; I've been wanting to try the Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwich for so long! Your drink sounds great, too, and how cool that the whole thing is compostable!

  3. OMG that sandwich looks amazing!! I think you photographed it perfectly, it seriously looks incredible. I can see why this would be your favorite vegan restaurant!


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