Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #106

You've seen some of this already: More of the eggy potato salad from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Super Fun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook, some vegan "honey" mustard, cherry tomato halves, the last bit of my tofu nuggets, broccoli, and a makeshift macaroni with a cheesy squash sauce.

I attempted to veganize a recipe of my own invention I made in my previous life as an omnivore, a yellow squash casserole that was something like a timbale. It had pureed squash and onions, eggs, and cheddar, and everyone who ate it always loved it. I thought I'd try veganizing it with tofu to replace the eggs, akin to the tofu omelet muffins I've made, and Daiya cheddar, and it definitely, decidedly, did not work. I ended up with tofu-and-squash gruel. But it was tasty gruel, and I figured it might work as a pasta sauce. It was pretty good that way, but I'd welcome suggestions for how to address the problem, because I did really like that casserole!


  1. Sometimes tasty gruel is the best we can hope for! As long as it had the flavour, I'm sure nothing else matters!

  2. Oooh this looks like an amazing combination! I really want to try those tofu nuggets.

    Have you tried using the vegan egg product to recreate these recipes? I have some casserole type recipes like this that I want to recreate and thought I may try that. I bet it would set better? Maybe?

    1. Do you mean like the VeganEgg? I have a bit of it but I can't get it very easily so I try to use other things where possible. A friend has suggested chickpea flour, so I may try that out. I might also need to try only blending up some of the squash and leaving some whole.

  3. Your lunch looks so good! Sorry to hear the casserole didn't work; I've never made a timbale before, so I don't have any ideas unfortunately, but I hope you find a way that works so you can have that dish again!


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