ToGoWare 2-Tier Tiffin #21

This is my second attempt at a vegan taco salad using my pinto bean salad as the protein. I like the pinto bean salad for many reasons, including that my omnivore self used to make and eat it. If you click through to the recipe, you'll see a note about how my lunch that day (in 2014) wasn't fully vegan, but the bean salad is, and that's the important part for our purposes today.

I still don't think it's quite ready to give you the recipe for the taco salad, but I'm getting closer! The non-dairy sour cream dressing is pretty great, but I think what I'm missing here is some spice, so I need to make it spicy--this salad may need some jalapenos.

The tortilla strip croutons, though, were a great addition to give it a little crunch. And I would also say that if, unlike me, you don't have access to non-dairy bread cube croutons (most national brands do tend to put milk in theirs for whatever reason), tortilla strip croutons could be a good alternative. And they also made my lunch gluten free today, for those of you looking for gluten free lunch ideas.


  1. This sounds really great! A sour cream dressing sounds perfect and I bet the tortilla strips add a perfect crunch to this lovely, colorful salad.


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