Sequestration Meal #66

Wanting to take full advantage of the fact that I had a whole head of Boston lettuce, just begging me to embrace it's cup-like leaves, I decided to make some tofu lettuce wraps. It was based roughly on this recipe at Namely Marly. I liked that it included chopped almonds and that the dipping sauce was made with almond butter. And these were as fun to eat as they were pretty! I think I needed a bigger plate, though. This is what comes of only having vintage thrift shop china around.


  1. So colourful and fun! I rarely have soft lettuce around of lettuce cups, but I have used cos leaves as like a little boat or taco shell to fill.
    Cos = romaine.

    1. They can work, too! If you cut about half of the stem out you can wrap them up into little cones.

  2. So, so pretty! The almond butter dipping sauce sounds amazing!


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