Sequestration Meal #68

After raid-the-fridge soup, what else but raid-the-fridge salad? On a really stressful day--the day they announced that they would be calling some library staff back to campus to work, but that they weren't going to tell us who or how until after the weekend--I found myself mindlessly making a somewhat elaborate salad for lunch, numb and confused and stressed. (What else is new?)

It was too warm for actual cooking but not so hot I wanted the air conditioner on, and I also knew I needed to do my best to still have protein. I'm not that kind of doctor, but all things considered I think I did a pretty good job. And the salad was pretty great! It was, as follows:

Mixed baby gem lettuce (pretty sure it was red leaf, green leaf, and chicory, but it wasn't labeled)
Halved grape tomatoes
Chopped cucumber
Strips of yellow bell pepper
Shredded carrot
Black olives
Red onion slices
Bac'n bits
The end of a package of garlic croutons
Hemp seeds
Tahini dressing (more or less the one from Cookie + Kate)
A garnish of black sesame seeds

I tossed everything together in a big mixing bowl and put it in a serving bowl before adding the sesame seed garnish. It was kind of remarkable. I'd make it again if I had croutons, but I think croutons belong to my pre-pandemic life. Oh, well. It'll probably be pretty good without croutons, too.

I would be genuinely shocked if they called me back to campus that soon, but it was hard being held in suspense. (I did not get called back.)


  1. Oh, that is awful when you are just left hanging and waiting like that, especially given the general uncertainty of everyday life at the moment.
    The salad looks perfect, I have been enjoying adding bacon bits into my salads as well, they are such are fun and crunch addition.

    1. I don't think I'll need to go back for a long time, fortunately. But there are some of my colleagues who have gone back to campus a few days per week now.

  2. I work in a library and we've been waiting on answers on when we go back to the office. I think they might be close to figuring it out. Also, not turn on the air conditioner, in June? That's a foreign concept in Florida!

    1. Ha! Sometimes I still have the heat on in June. But it's pretty nice right now--72 degrees exactly.

  3. Our ac has been off and on in Missouri. Humidity can be a beast, and I work in the elements most days. Being comfortable at home is of the utmost importance! Your lovely platings and concepts are very helpful. You are appreciated! I’m in an opposite funk, where most around me have been home but I’m putting in extra time the whole time. Definitely an awkward era, and so many parallels. Not wanting to cook. Feeling uninspired. F’n drained. You’re not alone in this, and thank you for your continued posts. You’re an inspiration and I’m grateful.

  4. The salad looks great; I hope it helped with your stressful day <3

    1. It was food! And that's hard to do sometimes! So I think that helped.


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