Sequestration Meal #84

In the end, this was impressive for not a lot of effort; I'd make this even if I wasn't trying to beat back the enchroaching march of despair.

It started when for some reason I decided I wanted tofu with some sort of mustard-based sauce or marinade, and I found this super easy maple dijon baked tofu at Create Mindfully. I also happened to have some sad lemons in the fridge and I thought having some lemon couscous to go with it would be nice (and easy; we were focused on easy here). I was guided by a recipe I found at Allrecipes, but used somewhat different ingredients based on both veganizing and availability. Having concluded that I had the major elements of the meal chosen, I saw some green beans and mushrooms in the fridge and decided to put them together since that's kind of a classic combo and I know green beans go well with both lemon and mustard flavors.

This was really great! And I had leftovers for the next day, plus more leftover tofu to do something else fun with (look for that soon).


  1. This meal looks wonderful! The tofu sounds amazing as well. I am glad that you got some leftovers so you could enjoy it again.

  2. This looks like a great meal! I haven't had couscous in a while; now I want some!


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