Sequestration Meal #82

I seem to be going for whatever pops into my head lately.

Fortunately, the way I get groceries now means I could get my favorite vegan boxed pasta, Annie's vegan shells in a creamy sauce. (It's not really sold in any of the local stores I shop in anymore, but if you're getting food shipped, you can dream bigger!) It's not cheesy, like their vegan mac and cheese, and it doesn't pretend to be. It has a lovely pumpkin-based sauce that is mildly sweet and is the perfect side dish, and also, later on, the perfect pasta salad if you have a good mayo.

I do not have a good mayo, but I attempted to make my own with this recipe at Loving It Vegan. But mine turned out runny and tasting strongly of maple syrup. Runny isn't necessarily a major issue; maple syrup flavor is. I may try it again sometime using plain sugar. But I managed to make a passable tartar sauce sort of thing with it to have over some Gardein fishless filets. I guess I was feeling greedy; I had three. (Not really fair to say "greedy;" I often only eat twice a day these days, because food prep takes so much out of me, and then just have a snack to round out the day. This was one of those days.)

This meal was completed with some steamed sugar snap peas and carrots in a bit of margarine with seasoning salt (which is, if you've been following along, my default way to prep veggies as a side).

It'll be nice when I'm feeling better, which I do have hope is coming at some point soon. Eating properly--and this is a perfectly respectable meal, really!--should do a lot toward that goal. But if you're out there feeling numb from the sheer awfulness of the world outside, know that it's not just you. Cheers to everyone trying and sometimes succeeding.


  1. Ohhhh.... maple syrup flavoured mayo does not sound good. I am glad you were able to make something with it still. I have a few homemade mayo recipes if you'd ever like some other options! A lot are based on silken tofu, but not all.

    1. I'd probably avoid the tofu ones because if I am getting tofu I'm probably buying it from somewhere that would also sell me vegan mayo, but I'm open to trying again sometime!


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