Sequestration Meal #74

This is a somewhat bleak-looking meal born of necessity. I had accidentally opened the wrong can of beans when making hummus (a sure sign of just how out of it I've been lately), and I couldn't bear the thought of white bean hummus, so I just rinsed the beans and stuck them in the fridge until I could figure out what to do with them. Part of what I did with them is this: Sauteed them with garlic and mushrooms and some Italian seasoning and served the mess over mashed potatoes.

I would not say this is something I encourage people to do, but there are definitely worse things! I love sauteed mushrooms with mashed potatoes; I'm just not sure beans go so well with this. Also, this is pretty colorless. But it was there. And it was fuel.


  1. Perhaps it’s photogenically challenged but I bet it was wonderful! I love to use white beans with random sautéed veggies with pasta, olive oil and whatever else. Not fascinating or fantastic, but really good and gets the job done. I had my final serving of last week’s version of this formula for lunch today. Was fine with an abundance of habanero sauce.

  2. White beans are probably my go to bean for adding to things, but a white bean spread does not a hummus make, that is true. But this looks like a good use of them!


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