Sequestration Meal #70

I had seen recipes for hummus pasta around but had never tried any because, well, I already had ways I liked to eat hummus and ways I liked to eat pasta and saw no need. But it's a rough life sometimes and I had the ingredients to make it, so I did.

I used a homemade hummus and the recipe at Sweet Simple Vegan, but it still needed something so I garnished it with some olive bruschetta I had in a jar in my pantry. The olive bruschetta looks really weird here, but it was the thing that made this dish! I ended up stirring it in.

True to pattern, I turned my leftover hummus pasta into pasta salad with some Vegenaise and more olive bruschetta. This was so much better than the first time around! On the side, I had a quick cucumber salad (Scandinavian style, with just salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, a bit of sugar, and some red onion).


  1. Oh wow! I think I have made chickpea based sauces for pasta before, but never thought of hummus as a sauce! It really can do everything. I must try it out.

    1. I think vegans will find a way to put hummus in everything, ultimately. There is dessert hummus out there...the humble chickpea does so much.

  2. Yum, hummus pasta sounds so good!


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