Sequestration Meal #83

The 100 day mark passed some time ago; time has ceased to mean anything and I've adjusted to the idea that this is my life for the foreseeable future.

In the midst of all this the hardest thing has been to not just give in and scrounge.

The easiest of meal prep I've ever been able to do is to make a batch of Mexican rice to go with a can of refried beans, so in the dark days this is a good choice. I made some rice, opened my last can of refried beans, made a quesadilla out of the end of some Daiya cheddar and a flour tortilla, and put it all on a plate with some sliced black olives and Tofutti sour cream as a garnish.

The rice isn't the best I've ever made, but the rice and beans sustained me for a few days; look soon for another meal based on these same ingredients.


  1. Rice and beans (especially from a tin) are such a good standby for times when you have nothing in you. Adding a quesadilla is extra awesome!

  2. You can always count on rice & beans!


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