Sequestration Meal #317

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This was less of a pantry-clearing meal and more of a need-to-use-these-things meal, but surely that counts, too. I was inspired by this recipe for one pot zucchini mushroom pasta with peas because it looked so easy, and veganized it with substitutes (Violife Parmesan and some coconut creamer, plus some Earth Balance for a bit more richness), using dried thyme because it was what I had. I also cooked a slice of veggie bacon to chop up on top because I wanted more protein, added an extra garnish of Violife Parmesan, and served it with a side of garlic toast.

I was, however, startled to find spaghetti in my pantry because I thought I had used all of that up. It's like these cupboards are some sort of endlessly renewing resource. And although I will replace pasta if I run completely out of pasta, I frankly have rather a lot of pasta right now. So maybe this is still pantry-clearing, even though the only shelf-stable ingredients were seasonings and the spaghetti.

I do like cooking the pasta and veggies together and then using the leftover water to create a sauce, though. That's a technique I'll bear in mind. I would probably suggest that if you do this you use broth instead of water, however, to add more layers of flavor.


  1. I have a few recipes for one pot pasta, but I haven't made them yet. I am always slightly suspicious that things will end up either overcooked or undercooked.

    1. A reasonable fear! If things end up undercooked you can just add more water and boil it down.


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