What I Ate in a Day #7

I'm feeling better these days. I'm hesitant to say exactly why, though I have made some drastic changes to my life where I can. I'm seizing control of things, and I'm feeling good about that. I'm me, so I don't trust feeling good, but I think you can see that I've been feeling better with how much more I've been cooking.

Here's what a day looks like when I've been cooking all the time and end up with a fridge full of leftovers!

Breakfast was Rainer cherries, a bit of Cara Cara orange, raspberry leaf tea, and a tiny stack of leftover zucchini bread pancakes topped with vanilla soy yogurt and cinnamon. I've noticed I have a decreased tolerance for sugar lately so I don't have syrup on my pancakes that often, but I have fallen in love with all the other things that I can put on them. Yogurt is one of my favorites. Soy yogurt also boosts the protein in my breakfast. Boosting the protein in my breakfasts has been one of my successful 2021 goals.

I had leftover chickpea flour-veggie fritters and creamy herb sauce so I just had that for lunch. I baked these in my toaster oven so they'd still be crispy, which I recommend doing with any fried leftovers you've got. It freshens them right up!

Dinner was yet more leftovers: Mashed potatoes, tofu ham, and squash-and-stuffing casserole.

There are no good reasons for this to feel like a good life, but I think my main reason is the feeling of being trustworthy to myself. Yes, there has been a lot of betrayal. But I haven't betrayed myself. I have made choices I haven't regretted, even when they had unintended consequences, and if I've learned nothing else in this past year and a half, I've definitely learned that I truly can take care of myself.

I feel weird writing about feeling good but since I wrote so much about feeling bad I thought maybe I should. I hope you're feeling okay yourselves, out there.


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