Sequestration Meal #327


This looks weird, but bear with me: do you remember Hamburger Helper?

This is like that, but vegan.

I found a recipe for taco pasta it looked like I could veganize, so I went with it. I made the wrong choice of pasta shapes and I figured I might be making the wrong choice before I did it, but we are using things up around here and I'm not buying pasta again until I am out of pasta so gigli it is. But the gigli kind of broke a lot by the time it was done, so it no longer looks like trumpets so much as...bits? 

I used Butler Foods taco meat mix (essentially taco-flavored TVP) as the flavor base here and didn't add taco seasoning (which I don't have anyway), and the cheese I used was only about half what it would have been if it had been dairy cheese because in my opinion vegan cheese goes a long way. I used slices of Trader Joe's non-dairy American chopped up to stand in for Velveeta and about 1/2 a cup of So Delicious non-dairy Mexican-style shreds for the other cheeses. I made broth out of Better Than Bouillon No Chicken and No Beef, Earth Balance for the butter, and almond milk for the milk--you know the drill here; there is a sub for everything, really, so is this the original recipe at all?

Whatever. It was nice and cheesy and spicy and full of tomato flavor so I didn't care about my broken pasta. Also, it got me to finally break into that taco meat mix, and I used a bunch of stuff that was already in my fridge, so a win for the pantry-clearing effort, too.

Not all foods are pretty, but that doesn't make them taste bad. 


  1. Sounds like you were able to make this very pantry friendly for your stash. We never had hamburger helper here, so I have only had it as an adult when I made vegan recipes of it from my cookbooks.

    1. Yes, this was a heavy duty pantry meal!

    2. Some hot sauce added and I’d devour that!

    3. It was pretty spicy as it was (the taco meat was heavily seasoned), but I know some people want more heat than I do!


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