Sequestration Meal #332


As I've committed to a pantry-clearing approach to all of my groceries, I haven't necessarily had things in the usual combinations, but fortunately that means I have discovered a new one I really like: Beans and weenies (onion and Lightlife hot dogs sautéed in Earth Balance with Heinz vegetarian beans in tomato sauce) and potato salad.

Usually, I want macaroni and cheese with my beans and weenies. It's truly the best. And I think it's still my favorite, since it means the leftovers get all stirred together into a strange-looking but delicious cheesy, tomato-y gloop. But I would never turn down a vegan potato salad. And as I did not have macaroni and cheese and didn't feel like making my own cheese sauce for pasta that is decidedly too high brow for that treatment anyway, I went with potato salad.

I don't know if this meal looks that great to anyone else, but I highly recommend it.


  1. This meal looks great to me!

    1. Thanks! But you and I are together on team Always Potato, I think.

    2. Yes. Always Potato and Forever Potato!


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