Sequestration Meal #325


I have utterly outdone myself.

This was a vegan salmon filet (recipe from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken), lemon-infused tricolor Israeli couscous with Violife parmesan (a vegan version of this recipe at Girl and the Kitchen), and steamed broccoli.

This salmon filet isn't quite salmon, but I'm not absolutely confident that someone wouldn't be fooled into thinking it was some sort of fish. The technique for making it flaky with special cuts and giving it nori "skin" was inspired. As soon as I stuck my fork in it and it started to flake, it shocked me. The texture, while not salmon (probably because salmon is so fatty), was absolutely fishy. Maybe more like tilapia? I never ate that much fish (I originated as an inland person), so I don't know. But this was amazing. Beets give it the color; nori in the marinade and as the "skin" gives it the flavor of the sea. Cornstarch makes it crispy when you pan fry it. Zero complaints here. But if you make this, do handle the tofu filets delicately. The partway-through slices make it pretty fragile.

The couscous was also really good, though that was less surprising--I fully expected that lemony couscous to be good. But the cheese really took it to the next level.

There have been several times these past few weeks I immediately longed for someone to give my cooking to just to get a reaction; I guess I have a lot of things to serve at parties! If the tofu ham I made earlier was good Christmas fare, I think this tofu salmon is good Easter food. You would definitely impress people with this.

If you're keeping up with pantry-clearing, this meal used a bit of nori I had on hand and the end of a box of couscous. My efforts are paying off, if slowly.


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    1. It really does! It was slightly fussy but really not that bad.

    2. Not sure how I missed commenting on this one. Sorry! I know I read it before today! LOL - I looks SUPER FANCY!


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