Sequestration Meal #324


This is a kind of savory pie-type thing that started out as enchiladas, but couldn't become enchiladas because I had technical difficulties. But it tasted good and I'll be trying to work my technical difficulties out some other time, because this idea really does hold a lot of promise!

When I was staring down my pantry before my most recent trip to the store, I pulled out a can of enchilada sauce and another can of black beans and thought this was the beginnings of a meal. I then observed that I had no corn tortillas, but I did have masa harina, which I need to eat up. (There was some sort of vague plan to make tamales, I think, but I never got corn husks.) So I figured I could make my own tortillas.

I picked up the necessary other ingredients at the store and set out to make spinach and black bean enchiladas in a green sauce. The filling was perfect--onions, garlic, spinach, non-dairy sour cream, lime juice, and spices--and so was my sauce--the canned sauce whirled with some non-dairy sour cream--but my tortillas turned out a bit too thick and fragile to roll after I cooked them. I don't have a tortilla press and was trying the "smash it between two pie plates" method. I concluded rather quickly that I'd not put enough water in the dough before I let it rest, but there was no turning back.

So I got a 5-inch pie plate and layered everything in like lasagna. It was delicious, if a bit strange--kind of a cross between enchiladas, lasagna, and tamales all at once--and it looked pretty weird since the tortillas had a gap around the edges and just sort of stood in a pile in the middle of the pie plate, mounding over it by about a layer. But hey. We do what we can. I exercised a lot of discipline here, not buying tortillas when I knew that would be easier. So I'm proud of my weird meal.

All that sauce (it was a bit too much) made me long for rice, though, so I'll need to do something for the leftovers involving sides.


  1. I've made corn tortillas a few times, and I also do not have a press. So my tortillas are always a bit thicker and free-form in their shape. But store bought corn tortillas here are awful, so if I am making enchiladas I always get the wheat ones. Homemade corn tortillas taste so amazing! I have a few recipes for layered tortilla casseroles in my books, so you are right on the mark with your layer creation.

    1. I think technically if you make them with wheat tortillas they're just burritos in a casserole, though I have made something like that before. If you use corn tortillas from the store you have to soften them by frying them first. I have lots of success with that but I'm trying to be disciplined about not buying stuff like that when I'm swimming in shelf-stable food.


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