Sequestration Meal #330


A nice, straightforward meal: This is a Beyond Burger patty, split lengthwise and given the Salisbury steak treatment with some tomato-mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, and zucchini.

I tried a new method for making my Salisbury steaks and cooked the Beyond patty partly in the gravy, the way one typically makes Salisbury steak if one doesn't start with a burger patty. The gravy got thicker than I'd planned so I'm still not ready to give a recipe for this, plus these were the patties in my freezer and I've heard that Beyond Burger has changed their formula. I don't yet know what I'll think of the new Beyond Burgers or how they'll be in gravy, so we'll just have to see.

Not a whole lot of pantry-clearing-specific stuff here, but the Beyond Burgers are out of the freezer now, so that's something!


  1. I'm curious to hear about the new forumlation for Beyond Burgers. I am not a huge fan as I find them just too meaty for me. But I can only imagine the new formula would probably be to try and make them even meatier??
    I'll be keen to see your Salisbury steak gravy recipe once you are happy with it.

    1. My sense is that Beyond is wanting to make products that are geared more toward flexitarian types, essentially--they want something that is as much like cow meat as possible, so much so that it would actively deceive people who didn't know what it was.


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