Monday, April 9, 2018

Laptop Lunches #292

A sort of TVP stroganoff thing I made inspired by the recipe on the back of the package of some noodles, roasted tomatoes in two colors, Light N' Fluffy macaroni dumplings with parsley, and steamed green beans.

I am off to a great start with the TVP stroganoff, but the recipe is definitely not ready to share yet. Adding seasoning salt after the fact improved matters, but I need to flavor the TVP more as I reconstitute it. Back to the drawing board!

If they ever stop making the Light N' Fluffy macaroni dumplings I might cry. I still haven't sent them fan mail, but I should get on that. These wide, short eggless noodles make so many things possible. Nobody paid me for my gushing. But if you're vegan, you probably have also felt the pain of giving up egg noodles. Discovering a near-identical alternative is very exciting. Every time I buy them I have this fear that they will disappear from all my local stores like the Dorot frozen dill cubes did.


  1. Your TVP stroganoff sounds really good; I've never tried using TVP in stroganoff!

    1. I've used Gardein beefless tips to good effect before, but the Light N' Fluffy noodles had a recipe on the back for ground turkey stroganoff. My vegan version stuck pretty close to what they suggested, and it was good, but I think it can be better. If you experiment with it, let me know!