Laptop Lunches #302

Some fajita-sized flour tortillas, mixed-color grapes, falafel on a bed of baby spinach (trust me, it's there!), a homemade tahini dressing, and a makeshift relish of cucumber and multicolored tomatoes.

The night before I packed this, I reminded myself I was going to try harder this week. It's VeganMoFo after all! I made a commitment to you guys! So I went and stood in front of my freezer and went rummaging around hoping to find some corn. (I had no corn.) But I did find some forgotten falafel in the very back of the freezer, buried under a bunch of other stuff. So I abandoned my corn salad idea and went with these ready-to-assemble falafel wraps, but I didn't want to have hummus with them this time, so I branched out: Tahini!

This was an excellent lunch for relatively little effort. The tahini dressing is so nice with this. I know I probably should have pita rather than tortillas but unless pita is very fresh I tend to hate it (too tough). The good news is that tortillas work just fine. When ready to assemble, you put down a layer of spinach on a tortilla, then line up a pair of falafel balls, then top with relish and tahini dressing. Wrap up and chow down.


  1. The falafel wraps sound like a great idea!

  2. This meal looks amazing! How do you make your tahini dressing? I'm looking to shift more toward homemade dressings and I don't even know where to start. Great looking meal though!

    1. Thanks! It's pretty easy--tahini, lemon juice, salt, a bit of minced garlic, parsley, and water to thin to your desired consistency (the lemon juice will thicken the tahini). Just mix together and taste to adjust seasonings.

    2. You might also like this sesame dressing, which I put on an Asian salad with oranges and almonds:

      And I have a post coming up soon with a carrot-ginger dressing that is commonly served with salads paired with Japanese food.

    3. Thank you so much for the recipes, they are perfect! I'm looking forward to the carrot ginger dressing as well!


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