Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #107

The last bit of red pepper relish (although you may see it again in the Pack-a-Snack post this weekend), black olives, Vegetable Thins crackers, baby carrots, pinwheels of two types, and grape tomatoes.

The pinwheels are as follows:

Pinwheel #1: Flour tortillas, hummus, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado
Pinwheel #2: Flour tortillas, an avocado spread (mashed avocado with lemon juice, salt, and pepper), spinach, and cucumber

And thus, today's lunch is much the same as yesterday's but it is not the same as yesterday's, and I give myself brownie points for trying harder.


  1. Looks like another great lunch; the avocado spread sounds great!

  2. So cute! The pinwheels are a really fun idea.

  3. This looks delicious! I love all of the variety you include in your boxes. It's so colorful and fun!


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