Monbento Original #12 (Double Tier)

A little cup of margarine, a slice of bread I made from my usual recipe when the weather was momentarily cool enough, blueberries, mashed potatoes garnished with parsley, chickpea loaf, and zucchini sauteed with grape tomatoes.

I'm out of practice with the bread and although this was good (I mean, it's homemade bread--it's always a treat), I realized I didn't cook the tangzhong slurry long enough, because it wasn't thick enough and that ultimately meant the bread got stale faster (and also the dough was sticky and hard to work with). I'm sure I'll do better next time, though! The recipe really is foolproof if you don't get impatient with the tangzhong part.

I will definitely be making the zucchini-tomato dish again! It's basically this recipe but with yellow onion instead of red and dried basil instead of fresh, and grape tomatoes instead of cherry, plus I scaled it down considerably--is it the same recipe now? Maybe not. But a lot of what I cook is pulling ideas from other sources and then just doing what makes sense to me. And it was so good. This is definitely a late summer combo, with some things that required me to have the oven on and the summer produce sauteed quickly on the stove. It's kind of a nice time of year, isn't it?


  1. It looks so colourful! Zucchini and cherry tomato saute sounds like the perfect quick dish for summer as well.

    1. Yes, it would go so well with many summer dishes--I could do a very similar meal to this with chickpea cutlets if I didn't want the oven on.

  2. Looks like a lovely lunch, and hooray for it being cool enough to bake your own bread again! The zucchini-tomato dish sounds so perfect for this time of year!


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