Monbento Square #10 (Double Tier)

A sweet potato stuffed with garlicky white beans, kale, and sun dried tomatoes; tahini dressing for the potato; and cantaloupe slices.

For a while now I've been thinking I should jump on the sweet potato bandwagon, lousy sweet potato-less vegan blogger that I am. But they seemed like so much trouble to cook that I'd buy one, then it would go bad while I wasn't feeling up to tackling it. (Some days are just not good days.) Then I read that one can bake sweet potatoes in a slow cooker and I was sold. They're so easy. The slow cooker can get dinner ready while I do other stuff. Also it justifies me owning a slow cooker since vegan me almost never uses mine.

This was so quick to throw together in terms of hands-on time, and I loved the combination, especially with the salty tahini dressing I made. (My doctor suggested I eat more salt. This is a weird thing to hear. But I've had a lot less pleasant prescriptions, so hey.) And it's gluten free--I'm not cutting out gluten altogether, but I am trying to expand my repertoire of gluten free things to see if cutting back makes any difference.

Cantaloupe was on sale, so altogether this was also a pretty cheap meal. The sun dried tomatoes were a bit of a splurge but they go a long way--this was literally just one oil-packed tomato sliced up. Had it been a whole fresh tomato, the price would have been comparable.


  1. What a cute sweet potato! Most of the ones here are long and skinny, so not as handy for the baking and filling. I didn't know you could do them in a slow cooker! I have two slow cookers that I hardly ever use.

    1. Most of ours tend to be shaped more like you describe, but you can sometimes find the nice fat ones like this. It would still taste good long and skinny, though!

  2. Your stuffed sweet potato sounds amazing!


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