Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #120

Salted sesame flatbread crackers, the quick white bean spread from Hurry the Food Up, vegan deviled potatoes from The Veg Life, celery sticks, and some tomato wedges.

I've got not one but two things from my VeganMoFo Pinterest round up here! Neither turned out as I anticipated, but both were tasty.

The white bean spread turned out very orange, I think because I may have put in too much sun dried tomato. But that just meant more sun dried tomato flavor, and who can argue with that? It was great, especially on these flatbread crackers that were happily on sale at ShopRite. I will definitely buy those again next time they go on sale. And although I probably wouldn't buy sun dried tomatoes every day, I think they're a great occasional treat and so I will probably make the bean spread again.

The potatoes came partly from another sale opportunity I seized for tiny potatoes. I bought a variety of colors in one package, and ultimately the little white potatoes held up best and were prettiest. The red potatoes also had a flavor that didn't go as well with this combo, so if you use creamer potatoes, like I did, just go for the white ones. I have no idea where my star tip is for piping such things so I just piled the filling in the way I usually did when, in my pre-vegan life, I made stuffed eggs. (And I would note that these potatoes are not really "deviled," so much as stuffed, as they do not have any hot peppery things in them.) My filling didn't end up as yellow as I'd hoped, but next time I'll add more yellow mustard and/or turmeric. And I had no chives, a third reason, alongside the star tip and the paleness, that mine are not as pretty. But they definitely did have a flavor profile that brought back the sensation of eating deviled/stuffed eggs, albeit in a much more potato-y way.


  1. Yay for pinterest cooking! The stuffed potatoes look super cute, even if they don't look like they did in the original!

    1. I liked them! I kind of missed the way the egg white would have tasted, but the potato "yolks" were pretty great.

  2. The white bean spread looks delicious, and the stuffed potatoes sound so fun!


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