Skater Lunch Box #71

A veganized version of Woman's Day's "Best Butternut Squash Spaghetti with Sausage and Sage."

I had (still have!) rather a lot of butternut squash, and this seemed like a fun recipe and a good excuse to use my spiralizer. The good news: My spiralizer made remarkably quick work of the butternut squash, and I had a pile of squash noodles almost immediately. The hard part of this was peeling the squash, but a vegetable peeler made that relatively straightforward, so I was feeling good getting started.

Alas, I cooked the squash too long and instead of noodles it became more like julienne strips. This didn't really matter because this recipe has regular pasta in it, too.

What I made was good, but not something I would necessarily repeat. The sausage is my TVP Italian sausage (I gave you a recipe for that with my penne pasta bake), the kale was from my freezer, and the sage was from my spice drawer, all things that might have contributed, as well as the overcooked squash did, to a less-than-fantastic meal.

But I got my veggies and protein in and it wasn't bad, so I'll count it a success.


  1. It sounds like a fun concept, too bad it didn't work out quite what you were hoping for. Is that Woman's Day the Australian magazine?

    1. I meant to link the recipe! I think it's American Woman's Day:


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