Thermos 3-Tier Bento #44

Mango chunks with hemp hearts, butternut squash and kale risotto, and parsley soup (recipe to come soon).

I know none of you suggested butternut squash for my next risotto experiment but then I ended up with all that butternut squash and it was the thing to do, especially since I had some kale in my freezer. This was so good! It was fine the day I made it but the leftovers were epic. I will make this again, without question, although I might not be committed to making risotto the usual, constant-stirring way because I have seen some other recipes, including baked risotto, that seem like less work. So we'll see.

I made parsley soup because I was forcing myself not to waste the half a bunch of fresh and wilting parsley I had in my fridge after making the romesco pasta salad you saw last week. There is only so much garnishing I can do as one person and it had stopped being garnish-quality anyway. What to do with wilting greens? Make soup, of course. But I couldn't find any vegan recipes that seemed remotely filling so I made my own after studying a few omnivore versions. I really liked this! It has a bright green spring-like color, but the ingredients in it are easy to get year-round and it doesn't taste the way you might expect based on how it looks--not light and sweet but sort of deep and earthy. I don't often buy fresh parsley but I might be less hesitant knowing that I have something to do with the leftovers if I do. So! Look for that recipe soon.


  1. I look forward to seeing the parsley soup recipe. Every time I buy parsley I always end up looking for ways to use all the rest of it! And I can't believe I didn't mention butternut for risotto! That is a very good combination, and I also think the leftovers are often tastier.

    1. Exactly! I feel like that about so many herbs and I wish I could buy them in quantities between "four times as much as I need" and "two sprigs in a plastic sleeve."

    2. Yes! My mum and I have tried growing herbs so we could just pop out on the deck and get what we need, but seriously they just keep dying. So instead it is all huge bunches, some of which will die within two days of buying so hurry up and cook it all.

  2. Your butternut squash risotto looks great, and I love when the leftovers of a dish are even better, haha!


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