Monbento Square #9 (Single Tier)

Gardein beefless tips sauteed with mushrooms, onions, and spinach; roasted butternut squash; and mushroom couscous (from a mix).

As my co-workers get sick of their CSA memberships, I keep getting castoffs. Right now I am swimming in winter squash. This is definitely not a problem! But I decided to branch out from butternut squash soup so you'll be seeing some new-to-me things. I haven't ever just cut up a butternut squash and roasted it, but because I wanted some for another recipe and it was the day I was having the oven on anyway (hooray for that one cool weekend day!) I tried it, and it was great. It went really well with these other flavors. (The spinach and mushrooms really needed to be eaten, and I'd had the couscous for a while in my pantry, and I am never without Gardein beefless tips.)


  1. Yay for getting CSA stuff given to you!
    I love roasted butternut, it has such an amazing flavour.

    1. It's so nice and sweet! Oven weather is coming, and I'm excited!

  2. This looks like such a nice fall meal! I'm excited to see all the creative ways you'll use the winter squash you've gotten!


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