Monbento Square #6 (Single Tier)

A hot dog just as I like it: onions, a little bottle of mustard (my mustard bottle is supposed to be a mayonnaise bottle, but hey), a bun spread with Vegenaise, a Field Roast frankfurter, a little bottle of ketchup, and dill pickle relish.

I do not endorse this meal as one that should be eaten on anything like a regular basis, but I've been struggling profoundly these past few weeks and it's what I did. It tasted great. I love the Field Roast franks.


  1. Such a fun, cute lunch! Your hot dog toppings sound perfect!

  2. This lunch is adorable, just looking at it makes me smile. And it sounds like it was just what you wanted! I love the Field Roast franks as well, they are my favourite hot dogs.

  3. OMG those containers are too cute! I'm glad that you enjoyed it, sometimes these are just the meals we need. I still haven't tried the Field Roast hot dogs but it's definitely something I'd like to try in the future!

    1. They're good, but, for lack of any better term, kind of have a strong flavor, like they're more hot dog than hot dogs.


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