Monbento Original #13 (Double Tier)

Mango chunks with hemp hearts sprinkled on top, a slice of garlic toast made from the bread I made this weekend (recipe), some SoyBoy tofu ravioli verde with a tomato-cashew cream sauce I improvised and non-dairy Parmesan, and some squares from a Hu chocolate Orange Dream Vanilla Cashew Butter bar.

I finally managed to find this ravioli again when I made one of my periodic trips to Wegmans for a vegan stock up, so I got to try the green kind! It's just as delightful as the original, plain kind. Because I had a partial can of diced tomatoes and some wrinkly grape tomatoes on hand I decided I wanted to make my own sauce to use stuff up rather than opening a jar of pasta sauce. I am not sure why I chose the tomato cream, but I really loved it. Essentially I blended the tomatoes with some soaked cashews, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and nutritional yeast, then simmered it on the stove for a while. It wasn't quite right yet so I also stirred in a little non-dairy half-and-half, and then it was delightful. (If I'd had coconut milk on hand that would probably have done it, too.)

The Hu chocolate really is amazing, though pricey. This orange dream bar was probably my favorite out of the several I tried.


  1. Those chocolate bars look so amazing! And fun flavours!

    1. They are...they're SO EXPENSIVE but I really enjoyed them. They may be one of those things I decide to treat myself to occasionally. In my early vegan days I ate a LOT of chocolate--I probably spent $20/week on chocolate at first--which I knew was unsustainable but somehow I also knew it was a season I needed to allow myself to go through. Then, I would not have batted an eye at paying over $5 for a chocolate bar if it was good. I had basically budgeted a LOT of money on making the transition. Now I hardly ever buy chocolate, but I think I need to strike a balance. (Maybe I'm just trying to justify this to myself.)

    2. Vego has just come out with a new dark chocolate bar with nuts and berries, finally a Vego I like and it is so good! But it is over $5 a bar here and I may have bought five of them in about a week and a half... My budget is going to need me to nip that in the bud pretty quickly!


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