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A while ago, Sarah at the Long Island Vegan mentioned that she'd ordered from You'd think they just sell nuts from their name, but poking around there I found a lot of basic pantry staples, so when I'd managed to get a large enough order to qualify for free shipping, I took the plunge. Because everything comes in virtually identical packaging, it's hard to see what I have here, but it was walnut pieces, raw cashew pieces, sesame peanuts (basically peanuts in a sesame cracker coating), cocoa powder, kosher salt, a jar of seedless raspberry jam, and what they call "peanut butter stock" (dry roasted peanut pieces with salt), but I presume I could just eat those rather than turning them into peanut butter, too.

Though the prices for some things are a bit high, so you need to comparison shop if you can, and you have to buy some things in kind of ridiculous quantities (really, we don't need a pound of onion powder at once!), I am still going to give pretty high marks. I placed my order on a Saturday morning and my stuff arrived on Sunday afternoon!

4.5 out of 5 for pandemic, 4 out of 5 for imaginary normal times


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    1. It does, though I kind of wish it was less homogeneous. I won't complain too much about that, though. The bags are resealable, which is always good.

  2. Wow, that's really quick shipping; I'm impressed! The sesame peanuts sound interesting!

    1. I have already eaten all of them. They were really good!


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