Sequestration Meal #62

This is one of those things I would only imagine having because of the availability of the ingredients, but I'm pretty sure I'd have it again if I could. This is a salad of butter lettuce, raspberries, candied walnuts, red onion, and the very last bit of Violife feta I had. I tossed the lettuce and onions first in a light, sweet dressing. My vegan version was based on this omnivore recipe at Sunset, though I only made enough for one serving.

I love butter lettuce and it was so nice to be able to get some in my last food delivery! This salad was unusual, but really nice. I love fruity salads with nuts.


  1. I rarely eat fruity salads, but when I do I always enjoy them. I've made some lovely ones in the past with strawberries or mangoes, but raspberries would be great too! They are still available at a pretty good price at the moment, though it is too chilly for salads right now.

    1. People don't think about fruity salads enough! We all get in salad ruts. I think I eat more fruity salads than most do.


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