Sequestration Meal #79

I don't know what to call this. It was experimental and not fully successful. But it was essentially a tofu and coconut curry with mushrooms and sugar snap peas over rice noodles. I'm glad I tried it; I will be attempting some sort of rice noodle soup later on that is more soupy and has a bit more flavor. I may not succeed then, either, but that's life!

I'd been craving rice noodles for a while, and this didn't get that out of my system. What's your favorite way to eat them?


  1. I think I tend to eat thin rice noodles in salads a lot, particularly Vietnamese style salads. The thicker ones I like in soups or as stir-fried noodle dishes.

    1. I don't know that much about Vietnamese food, but a Google suggests I need to make a Vietnamese noodle salad STAT!

    2. Google is correct. I love them, and they are amazing in summer!


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