Interlude: Easy Comfort Food

I'm still not fully in the swing of things, so here are a couple of meals I've eaten recently that are just easy things to fuel me through the day.

Pan-fried veggie dumplings with a dipping sauce: It's easy and easily forgotten, but is pretty quick and always tasty.

Spaghetti with Gardein meatballs and garlic toast is another standby, and a pretty simple thing I can always count on to be delicious. I added some Violife Parmesan as a garnish.

This represents more than the bare minimum effort, but it is still really easy (and the reward for the extra effort is totally worth it): A fried peanut butter and jelly (actually strawberry preserves, but who's nitpicking?) and banana sandwich.

Hang in there, everyone! (I'm telling myself as much as I'm telling you!)


  1. I am definitely feeling you with the comfort food. I feel like the past couple have weeks have been extra stressful for everyone I know and meals like this always hit the spot! Now I am craving dumplings!

  2. The other day I had to randomly work a couple of hours on Sunday morning and I was in a pain haze and had no idea or motivation for what I was going to eat. I stopped off at the shops on the way home because I had to get some things, and saw dumplings while I was there and that was it. Such good and easy food to make.

    1. Isn't it? Some of them can even be microwave-steamed.

    2. Yes! One of the brands of frozen ones has microwave instructions, which just makes it even easier.


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