Sequestration Meal #295

Should I even be calling this a sequestration meal? I'm not fully sequestered anymore. But I honestly don't know what else to call it. I'm still working at home, and I don't exactly have a roaring social life these days outside Zoom. So I'm leaving it as it is for now, until I decide what else to label these.

For my first trip to the grocery store, I chose Trader Joe's. It's small, has limited selection, and is full of ready-made things to ease some of the pressure of cooking. (I'm going to have a hard time adjusting to the thought that I don't have to cook all the time!)

So I bought convenience and freedom, perhaps, in the form of this meal: multigrain bread spread with kalamata olive hummus and filled with spinach, cucumber, tomato, and Tofurky alongside some dill pickle chips my friend bought me recently as a surprise. 

I do get excited about cooking, don't get me wrong. I always did! But there was so much joy in not having to ration the easy foods for the bad times, and just eat a sandwich because I wanted to eat a sandwich, rather than forcing myself to cook something else.

Meals here are likely to look a bit less elaborate for a bit, but I still have a lot of recipes I want to try. And I also want to enjoy the freedom to eat down the stocks of non-perishables I have around here. I'm embarking on a whole new-to-me food adventure! But it started with a sandwich and chips, and they were absolutely delicious.

The world outside is looking pretty good, and I'm getting stronger. Whatever comes next, I'm enjoying the flowers.


  1. Tofurky sandwiches are such a perfect lunch. I eat mine almost exactly the same as yours! I use garlic hummus and would use pickles if I had some. Looks great and the flower is so pretty!


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