Sequestration Meal #298


I still had some falafel in the freezer, and it was still calling my name, so in one of my forays into actual cooking during this season of feeling emotionally troubled I made some simple yellow rice to include in a falafel bowl. Aside from the rice, this has a salad of lettuce, cucumber, and two colors of tomatoes; falafel; and a drizzle of lemon tahini dressing.

Although all I really cooked was the rice, I was glad I managed to give myself some homemade flavor here. I'm trying! And I hope you are, too.

Obligatory local nature photo:


  1. This looks lovely! Combining something ready made with something you have made yourself is a nice compromise when it comes to taking things easy but also branching out a little.

    1. Well, I guess technically I made the other things besides the falafel but I didn't count it as cooking so no heat was involved! I'm totally inept with falafel anyway.


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